Spring Clean Detox Bundle

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Early Spring is always accompanied with a cleansing energy that motivates us to clean our homes, vehicles, and workspaces. But why stop there? 80% of all disease begins in the gut so our colons should cleansed once a quarter, especially if we consume the typical western diet. This bundle includes… 

✅ ATC Colon Cleanse- remove hazardous waste from the body that has built up over time. This will clean you out without being to harsh on the stomach. 

✅ATC Overflow Superfood Extract- superfoods are nutrient rich/dense foods. This herbal extract includes herbs like Seamoss, Goji Berries, and Moringa. Flood your cells with life, vitamins, and minerals while you cleanse your system.  

✅ATC Green Lemon Ginger Tea- this delicious green tea provides a boost to the immune system and tastes just like spring time.

✅Includes Tea Bags

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