Black Seed Oil

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Black Seed Oil, derived from the Cumin Seed (Nigella Sativa), has been used for thousands of years as an aid to those who suffered from a wide range of ailments. This oil was rumored to be found in the tomb of Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, and has a list of benefits sure to catch anyone's attention who is pursuing health the natural way. Our Black Seed Oil was harvested and cold pressed in the West African country of Ghana and we are proud to share her love and strength with you and your family.  

✅ High in phytochemicals including Thymoquinone which can help increase insulin production. 

✅ An anti-inflammatory (most dis-ease begins as inflammation). 

✅ High In potassium which helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

✅ Rich in iron. 

✅ High in vitamin C and known to boost the immune system. 

✅Known to open nasal passages and reduces inflammation in the airways. Great aid to those battling bronchial infections.

✅ Adds in weight-loss by reducing appetite naturally.

✅ Can help to lower cholesterol levels by dissolving fats in the blood stream.

✅ Known to benefit the hair, skin, and nails.

✅ Can**r fighter!!!

If you’re serious about taking your health into your own hands, order yours today!!!


*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.