Commonly Asked Questions

Question 1: Do I have to be on a vegan diet while taking an ATC Detox?
Answer: Our bodies desperately need a break from the overload of toxins we encounter every day. A vegan diet will help to slow down the influx of toxins into your body while the detox is removing toxins that may already be creating issues. The detox will benefit you no matter what type of diet you are on, but we suggest that you make positive adjustments to your diet while detoxing. 

Question 2: Should I use an ATC detox if I am pregnant?
Answer: No. 

Question 3: Should I use an ATC detox if I am breast feeding? 
Answer: No. 

Question 4: I think the dropper cap on my tincture bottle is defective. What should I do?
Answer: I "dropper full" equates to 1/4 of a teaspoon. You can use this to measure the detox or extract and follow the directions on the label.

Question 5: The detox labels say "safe for children over 12". But should I adjust the dosage?
Answer: Yes. Give them half of what the label suggest.

Question 6: If I take more of the Beginner's Luck Detox or Colon Cleanse Detox than what the label suggests, will I be ok?
Answer: 3-6 "dropper fulls" is a safe range. Anything more than that may create an unpleasant experience while detoxing. Its more effective to take a safe amount consistently.